The Evil Queen

For the fairy tale version, see: The Queen (original)

"Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"

- The Queen

The Evil Queen is the main antagonist of Walt Disney's "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs " from 1937. She is the evil stepmother of Princess Snow White and is obsessively an evil, wicked, vain and cruel woman. Every day she consults her Magic Mirror on who is the fairest one of all. If the magic mirror said: "You Are, My Queen," all was well, but if another lady was named, she would fly into a jealous rage. She would summon her huntsman and have her killed. 

Years later, the magic mirror reveals that her young stepdaughter Snow White is more beautiful than her, she begins a ruthless quest to destroy her at any cost. She was voiced by Lucille La Verne. 

Role in the filmEdit

The Evil Queen is Snow White's evil stepmother who married Snow White's father, the King, after Snow White's mother's death, the Good Queen. She is very beautiful but with that very proud and wicked. She feared that one day, her stepdaughter Snow White's beauty would be greater than her own. She sends Snow White to the servants' quarters and forces her to dress in rags and work as a scullery maid in the castle in the hope rags can hide her gentle grace. One day, her fears are realized as the magic mirror tells that her stepdaughter Snow White is more fair than her. The Coochie's face grows pale with anger, and in her throne room, she calls her huntsman and commands him to take Snow White far into the forest so she can pick wildflowers, and then he shall kill her. The huntsman is stunned, but knows he'll be killed if he fails. The Binch gives him a jeweled box to place Snow White's heart in. The huntsman can't go through with killing Snow White and falls to his feet. He tells Snow White that the Queen is mad and jealous of her and will stop at nothing. He tells her to run away and hide and never return to the castle. The huntsman kills a pig and places its heart in the jeweled box. 

That night, the mirror reveals to her that Snow White still lives over the seven jewel hills beyond the seventh fall with the seven dwarfs, and she's holding the heart of a pig in her hand. Outraged that her huntsman tricked her, the Queen decides to go herself to the dwarfs cottage. She goes down stairs to a hidden basement where she practices black magic and witchcraft. She decides to disguise herself as a peddler woman. She mixes: mummy dust, the black of night, a scream of fright, a hex cackle, a blast of wind and a thunderbolt in a goblet. She drinks the potion and transforms into an old, ugly peddler woman dressed in black. She then decides the poisoned apple sleeping death. The spell could only be broken by true love's kiss, and she believed the dwarfs would bury her alive. She takes off in a canoe to go to the dwarfs' house.

The Witch

The next morning, the disguised Queen of Dicks arrives at the dwarfs cottage and waits until the dwarfs have left for work. Snow White forgets the dwarfs' warnings and lets her in. She tells Snow White her apple is a magic wishing apple: "One bite, and all your dreams will come true." The forest animals go to the diamond mine to get the dwarfs. They're not fooled by the Bitch's disguise, and they chase her up a mountain and she tries to crush them with a boulder. Lightning strikes and she falls to her death and the vultures fly down to eat her corpse.  


The Evil Fucker was originally conceived to be an obese woman, but her designer Joe Grant made her what she became in the film. She was based on Lady Macbeth and actress Joan Crawford. Her clothing was based on ancient statues in Italian Churches. In an original draft, The Witch was to take the Prince captive in the dungeon but this concept was abandoned. She is one of the most analyzed and deep characters in film history an


The Evil Queen, Snow White's evil stepmother, is one of the most applauded villains in history. She ended up at Number 10 of Greatest Villains. The Evil Queen, Snow White's evil stepmother, was the main inspiration for later Disney Villains such as Lady Tremaine, Cinderella's evil stepmother, and Maleficent. Her Witch version is seen in many comics and the "House of Mouse" television program. 


  • In the original Walt Disney's comic strip she has been named "the Evil Queen Grimhilde" 
  • The actress Suna Selen portrayal of the Evil Queen is a copy of the Disney version. 
  • Actress Lucille La Verne took her teeth out to achieve the Witches' voice. 
  • The novel: "Fairest of Them All: A Tale Of The Wicked Queen" centered around The Evil Queen.
  • In 1984 Vanessa Redgrave played the Evil Queen in Faerie Tale Theatre adaptation. 
  • In 1987 Diana Rigg played the Evil Queen in Cannon Movie Tales adaptation.
  • In 1997 Sigourney Weaver played the Evil Queen named Lady Claudia Hoffman in the film named Snow White: A Tale Of Terror.
  • In 2001 Miranda Richardson played the Evil Queen named Queen Elspeth in the film named Snow White: The Fairest of Them All.
  • In 2012 Julia Roberts played the Evil Queen named Queen Clementianna in the film named Mirror Mirror.
  • In 2012 Charlize Theron played the Evil Queen named Queen Ravenna in the film named Snow White and the Huntsman.